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Edinburgh Pocket Guides, Expedia

2 Apr


For the last few months I have been writing digital content for an agency in Leith.

I am sent a title and a word limit, then I write whatever I’m asked to write in whatever style or tone I feel is required.

The skill involved is copywriting, although I like to think of it as electronic tracery, and of myself as a 13th Century craftsman hanging bravely from a granite mullion.

Here is an example of the sort of thing:

Fishing Piece

You get the idea.

From mummy-blogs to cruiseship news, slow-cookers to Spanish markets, I’m busy writing the internet.

It’s fun. And the pieces are sent to some weird and wonderful places.

Expedia Pocket Guides

I was tasked last month with writing a few dozen Pocket Guides about Edinburgh for Expedia, the world’s largest online travel company.

This was an exciting project that allowed me to put years of lurking around the Scottish Capital to good effect.

Behold yon screeynshotte:

Edinburgh Pocket Guides

Visit Expedia to see more Edinburgh Pocket Guides using the site’s interactive search tool. The moral of each guide is that Edinburgh is simply a fabulous place to book a hotel.

Expedia Tollcross

Are you an Online Hive-Mind that requires a ResearchB4Type-Bot Class 1A to do your bidding?

Sorry, let me rephrase that: are you a digital agency/online publication that needs a reliable writer?

Contact me using the form below.


3 Smart Locations To Buy Edinburgh Property

10 Mar

Fivver dog pic 1

Edinburgh has one of the most consistently buoyant property markets in the UK. With superb prime property as well as plenty of first time buyer options and everything else in between it’s all about keeping your eyes peeled for a good deal. You can’t go too far wrong with the following locations:


This popular residential area in the south of the city is a favourite amongst young families and second steppers. The area has a distinctive layout full of attractive cul-de-sacs, pretty green spaces and views towards the Pentland Hills. There are good transport links in the area as well as good schools including Craiglockhart Primary and George Watson’s College. Property for sale in Shandon is sought after as Edinburgh estate agents know only too well, with the best houses not staying on the market for too long.


Talk to solicitors and estate agents about property in Stockbridge and you will find that the area has a fantastic reputation for quality and long-term value. While the best properties are not exactly cheap, this doesn’t stop buyers fighting tooth and nail to get their hands on them. As city properties in Edinburgh go, you won’t find many more vibrant and diverse areas than Stocky B! Like Shandon, there are many families, good schools and green areas in Stockbridge as well as a thriving buy-to-let market.


Within easy walking distance of Edinburgh city centre and with a lively sense of community, Leith has much to offer for those planning to buy Edinburgh property. Popular with young professionals and first time buyers, Leith property is also a good place to look for potential investment returns. If you are looking for value for money then look no further.

If you are buying property, selling property or need a property valuation in Edinburgh contact local solicitors and estate agents Blair Cadell. We are a long established Edinburgh legal firm with an excellent reputation built on trust and quality service.